Board of Directors

SBA Executive Board Members 2014

Sharon Shea (2012)


Dale Nanny (2012)

Vice President
Trail Maintenance

Scott Chase (2013)


Joy Taylor (2013)



Other Board Members

Tony Beavor (2013)

Trail Development

Hans Guerrero (2012)

Board Member

Dave Groover (2011)

Building Manager

Jeanne Hargrave (2011)

Sweetheart Coord

Edwin McCook (2011)

Agency Liaison

Jennifer Peyton (2013)

Board Member

Bob Wallace (2013)

Board Member

Howard Montgomery(2014)

Board Member


Advisory Board Members

Alison & Brent Baris

Membership Secretary

Jodi Chase

Web Master

Mark Wiencek

Paddle Master

Mick Shea


Krin Cosner

Board Member

Wade McGinty

Board Member

Please check out the listing of all volunteer position descriptions. If you are interested in one of these positions, or wish to volunteer in any way, please let us know!

Contact Walter McKenzie if you would like to use headquarters when there are no events planned. Want to help improve our headquarters? Walter can also answer your questions about ways to help spruce up headquarters. 386-269-0056

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