About SBA

The Suwannee Bicycle Association, Inc. (SBA) is a non-profit, membership organization formed to promote environmental awareness and family fitness through bicycling and other outdoor activities in the Suwannee River region. Located in White Springs, Florida, the organization seeks to help people obtain a greater understanding and appreciation of natural ecosystems, history and cultural heritage of the Suwannee River Region.

To achieve these purposes, the Association:

Conducts trips: bicycling, canoeing and kayaking, hiking, snorkeling and spring hopping in the region.

Maintains a headquarters building with maps, resource materials and interpretative information,

Publishes and distributes educational brochures and pamphlets about the region.  

SBA also helps develop and maintain public bicycle, hiking and canoe trails and helps establish environmental interpretation facilities along them.


The 2010 club membership currently contains both individual and family memberships from Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Washington, and Vermont. If you are interested in joining, please visit the membership page.

Organizational History
The Suwannee Bicycle Association was founded in 1989 by Lys Burden and a handful of other cycling and outdoor enthusiasts and incorporated as a non-profit, educational organization in the same year. The organization continued a strong tradition of bicycling and canoeing trips in the region that were promoted by two bicycle touring companies, Suwannee River Bicycle Tours, then Suwannee Country Tours, which were managed consecutively by Herb Hiller, David Bearl and Dave Pierce, over about a ten-year period. The tour companies were essentially defunct for various reasons by the late eighties. But the superb setting for bicycling and canoeing inspired the formation of a new organization to continue the work of promoting the activities and the region; thus, SBA was formed. The organization’s articles and by-laws were written with strong educational purposes to qualify the non-profit corporation as a charitable organization.

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